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Nitin Khanna an Indian Native Making It Big in the US

Nitin Khanna is one of the most iconic entrepreneurial figures in Portland, Oregon. Nitin, who is originally from India, moved to the US at a very young age to pursue his dream career in industrial engineering. Nitin joined Purdue University and did not only graduate with an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering but also a master’s degree. Nitin moreover enrolled for a Ph.D. program in robotics, but midway decided to venture into entrepreneurship.

Nitin Khanna in 1998 began his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding Saber Corporation. Saber Corp was a giant technological company that was subcontracted by the US government to provide government services to its citizens on its behalf. Some of the services that the firm was procured to provide are unemployment registration, voters’ registration, and issuance of licenses such as driving licenses among other services. The firm under Nitin Khanna leadership grew in leaps and bounds to become the leading stand-alone provider of government services and employed thousands of people. The firm moreover was generating annual revenue that was more than 100 million.

Owing to the firm successes, EDS became interested in the firm, and in the year 2007, they made an acquisition offer to Nitin Khanna. The proposal was so massive something that Nitin could not resist. EDS wanted to purchase the firm at the cost of 460 million dollars an amount that was four times the value of the firm. Nitin accepted the offer and sold the firm to EDS. After the purchase, Nitin was retained as an employee of the firm. He was allowed to continue serving at the helm of the firm where he continued providing leadership.

Nitin Khanna continued steering the firm to higher horizons and by the time he was leaving the firm a year later the number of employees had increased to over 1500 and the firm revenues had tripled. Nitin Khanna in 2008 left the firm and established MergerTech, an investment firm that provided investment advice to small-medium firms. Nitin uses experiences gained at Saber Corps in helping growing startups in issues of mergers and acquisitions. At Saber Corps, Nitin successfully led to the merger and acquisition of more than eight firms.

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