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New Company Founded Gareth Henry

Fascinated about two emerging investment trends that is taking place in the context of alternative investment, Gareth Henry, a former investor for the Fortress Investment Group, went out on his own and founded his own company to provide investors with his investment advice and management services. The two emerging trends that has so fascinated Gareth Henry is the increasing trend of large institutional investors making their own investment decisions to either make deals on their own or to do so with a partner and the increasing trend of investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Large institutional investors are also partaking in co-investing, that is, they are investing in a company’s fund that also provides them with the additional right to directly invest in the company itself. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming more legitimate and has risen in value to $800 billion, while at the same time becoming increasingly less volatile, more secure, and having greater custody. Further, the blockchain technologies that contains smart contracts themselves are becoming an attractive alternative investment for investors and it is here where private equity and venture capital opportunities are emerging on a daily basis.

Gareth Henry holds a first-rate honors degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics from the Heriot Watt University but found a career in private equity and hedge fund industry to be more suited to him than the typical job held by a holder of such degree. This is particularly so because he has a wonderful gift for being able to engage in a meaningful dialogue with any person regarding the subject of investing. Gareth Henry further possesses the ease of a natural sales advisor and the fundamentals of finance and economics. He is also a high energy person who is exceedingly devoted to prioritizing his clients and his job, which starts at 7 a.m. Prior to the founding of his of own company, Gareth Henry was the Director of Strategic Solutions for Schroder first and then the Head of International Investor Relations and the Global Head of Investor Relations at the Fortress Investment Group several years later.

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