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Nationwide Vice President David Giertz and Social Security Financial Advisors

In a research institute study, it was found people who had retired or would within a short amount of time their financial advisors had not discussed social security with them. The former president of one of the largest insurance providers nationwide David Giertz questions why a majority of financial advisors ignore asking. Mr. Giertz believes it would be damaging not discussing social security retirement benefits by advisors for both them and their client.


Mr. Giertz believes the failure by financial advisors to discuss this program with clients is due to how complex the social security program can be and he says the rule book for it has 2,700 rules. He feels financial advisors should take the time to learn these rules and make it a part of their discussions with clients. He goes on to say there is evidence that clients will move to new advisors when the one they are using does not discuss social security since this can be up to 40 percent of the client’s income during retirement. Mr. Giertz said that people who get their social security benefits early can lose as much as $300,000 during retirement years.


Mr. Giertz is uniquely qualified at giving financial advice with over 30 years in the financial service industry. His focus has been on innovative strategies for building profit and financial growth and the president of the sales and distribution of Nationwide Financial in March of 2013. He has served as vice president of sales at FI/WH from 2009-2013, and earlier as vice president of NF Sales from 2004-2009.


Mr. Giertz has Bachelor of Science from Millikin University and Master degree from the University of Miami in business administration. He has an FINRA broker certification and prior to joining Nationwide in 1999, he worked for ten years at Citigroup as a financial advisor and later as an executive vice president.

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