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Mr. José Auriemo Neto as the Future of JHSF

Brazil is famous for its developed communities of lawyers, doctors, financial experts, and so on. One of the highly developed sectors is the industry of real estate. It is saturated with companies and expert investors and developers. The Brazilian industry of real estate is a very strong one and more information click here.

One of the companies working in the industry is JHSF Participacoes. It is a rather old company as it entered the business more than fifty years ago. JHSF Participacoes has office buildings both in Brazil and the US. The main office building is located in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. The company is working on luxury residential projects as well as commercial projects. The current leader of the JHSF Participacoes is Mr. José Auriemo Neto. He took over the company of JHSF after his father stepped down from the position of president. Mr. José Auriemo Neto is serving as Chief executive officer. He assumed the position about seven years ago.

Before he was the CEO of JHSF Participacoes, Mr. José Auriemo Neto he was still working at the company but at a lower rank. That changed, however, after a certain project that Mr. José Auriemo Neto started up and carried out to completion. He had spotted an opportunity for a new luxury living project. The area used for the apartment buildings is as big as 80 000 square meters. The area is located close to the highway of Marginal Pinheiros. This road goes straight through the bustling Sao Paulo, and it is heavily used by the population. The section that was transformed into a luxurious residential area is towards the end of the highway and learn more about Jose.

The reasons why the project skyrocketed the career of Mr. José Auriemo Neto is simple – innovative thinking and an eye for profitable opportunities. Those are some of the most fundamental qualities of a successful entrepreneur and a real estate businessman. Mr. José Auriemo Neto completed the project, and while leading it, he proved his proficiency in managing teams and large projects. That took his career to a whole new level. It also earned him a promotion to chief executive officer.

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