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More Parma Details Revealed

Last Tuesday, over half of the city employees in Parma, Missouri walked out on their jobs after the first African-American female mayor, 40-year-old former city clerk Tyrus Byrd, was voted into office. Until now, many of Byrd’s supporters argued that the walkout was racially motivated. Additionally, Byrd stated that she did not receive any resignation letters and claims that many important documents needed to run the city were cleaned out before she took office.

Most residents seem happy with the departures, including the departure of five of six police officers, because the town is small — approximately 740 people, smaller than Madison Street Capital — and the police have supposedly done few patrols or handled the many break-ins that have taken place.

Yet, one of those who resigned supposedly by resignation letter, former Assistant Police Chief Rich Medley, advised themedia that he walked away because he feared that staying would put his life in danger “more” than it has already been in danger.

What is the reason for this fear? He stated that Byrd’s family and the police have had “several run-ins.” Other accounts have noted most recently that a white Parma police officer had a taser incident run-in with a teenage member of Byrd’s family last month who supposedly prank called the station on regular occasions. Former Mayor Randall Ramsey reiterated former Chief Medley’s viewpoint by stating that the resignations were over “safety concerns.”

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