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Milwaukee Bucks Owner Wes Edens Pays Big Bucks for FlyQuest

Money makes the world go around. There are many valuable assets that have simply become too old. They need an infusion of cash. That is why Milwaukee Bucks Owner Wes Edens paid big Bucks for Flyquest.

Milwaukee Bucks NBA Franchise

The NBA draft has revolutionized the sports industry. How many other sports had fans watching a televised lottery before the NBA? Zero.

The NBA gave fans a reason to watch. This increased the popularity of the sport tremendously. The lottery is so important because an NBA team’s fortunes can change so quickly.

All that a team needs is one superstar. This individual can lead the team to the championship and even promote them during the off-season. More and more NBA stars have their own brands, groups and even shows.

That is why Milwaukee Bucks fans were so excited when billionaire Wes Edens became co-owner. After his investment, the Bucks acquired a great player who became an All-Star in Giannis Antetokounmpo. The future was starting to look good for the Bucks – now they needed someone to spend some more Bucks on their arena.

And, that someone was Co-Owner Wes Edens. One of his first projects was to build a new arena. Altogether, the new Milwaukee Bucks arena, public plaza and parking would cost $524 million. The Bucks were amped.

With a new arena, Milwaukee construction crews had more work. The fans would be more willing to pay higher ticket prices. Who doesn’t want to visit a brand new arena for the first time? Wes Edens was a genius.

Revitalizing FlyQuest

Milwaukee was happy, now Edens looked around for another sports brand that needed a boost. He found League of Legends FlyQuest. The fans of League of Legends hope that billionaire Wes Edens can revitalize their FlyQuest brand. They want to win all the championships, but worry about their meager talent levels.

“A fly on the wall suggested that FlyQuest was getting old before Edens arrived.”

When your team wins, it receives more air time. In eSports, the top brands can lead a league higher or lower. Every successful league needs a winning team that can carry the entire sports to a higher plane.

Signing the top talent takes money. Billionaire Wes Edens has the money. He can make sure that the top League of Legends producers are on FlyQuest. Edens even added his son to management.

The future is bright for eSports. More people are going online and spending their days sitting behind computers, competing at the League of Legends. Millions of fans are excited by Wes Eden’s investment into FlyQuest.

Sports, Business and Politics

Everyone benefits from sports. The businesses make a lot of money selling copyrighted gear. The communities raise their profile and collect tax revenue.

All parties are excited when billionaire Wes Edens is in town. They hope that he brought his cheque book with him. They know that his capital investment pays dividends.

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