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Mike Baur: The Life of a Businessman and Entrepreneur

This selection will focus on an entrepreneur and businessman named Mike Baur. This man’s life has been both inspirations and inspiring. He had grown up in Freiburg a region in France. He works in the field of banking, and has been there for over twenty years. He has worked for different companies like Clariden Leu and UBS. After those years in banking Baur quit to invest money in startup companies.


Later in 2014, Baur realized that the banking industry had seemed to lose the appeal for him. At the same time, Baur had a new passion. This was to assist tech entrepreneurs. Bankers, on the other hand were required to put in great amounts of time to red tape. To accomplish his dream, Baur had teamed up with a graduate of Bern university which he went to the same school as. His name was Max Meister.


This new program assists Swiss entrepreneurs in different ways. One is by giving by giving funding to likely startups. Another one is by giving kind services of training and mentoring. Another great benefit according to website Crunch base is giving is rent-free offices in Switzerland.


Baur also started up a firm called Thick Reloaded. This company gives challenging money advice for wealthy clients. Actually, he had received this job after Thick Reloaded started to join forces with the Swiss Startup company. Another alliance that the team joined forces with was BV4, a company which estimates the monetary value of different kinds of intellectual property like inventions and ideas. Actually, due this this partnership Meister and Baur had been involved in directing BV4 because of this partnership.


Recently, Baur was interviewed, and had brought up the Swiss Startup Factory. He had said that the SSUF is different from many incubators due to its independence. It also gets better results because of its leader’s financial commitments. Also, it doesn’t function as another part of a political organization or business. That means that this company can take action without facing conflicts of interest of interference. He also explained the reason behind why he calls it a “factory”. This is because of the continuous efforts the firm was created to make new businesses in Switzerland. Baur said that often people who are in factories work hard. Baur has a focus at the SSUF of fundraising and financing. He also is serving on the BV4 board.


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