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Meet George Soros, the Philanthropist Who Has Strived To Make the World Better

Gorge Soros was born in Budapest in Hungary to Hungarian Jews parents during the Nazi occupation of 1944. Luckily, his family survived by concealing their background and also helping other families. When communists assumed power in Hungary after the war, George fled the country for London. In London, he joined the London School of Economics and worked as a part-time waiter and a railway porter to support his education. He later secured a financial job at a merchant bank and learn more about George Soros.

In 1956, Soros relocated to New York and then got involved in Wall Street. In 1969, he founded his hedge fund with $12 million. With the help of Stan Druckenmiller, he shorted the British pound and made good profits hence people started calling him the man who broke the Bank of England. For quite some time now, George remains a heavyweight in the investment arena through Soros Fund; his family has a stake worth $30 billion. Soros made Dawn Fitzpatrick the chief investment officer of Soros Fund Management. Dawn is the seventh CIO at this fund since 2000 and what George Soros knows.

George Soros is one of the world’s essential philanthropists. He has given out over $12 billion to fund to people and organizations fighting for human rights, good governance and movements that promote equality and justice across the world. His funding has focused on the individuals and groups that go through segregation for who they are. George Soros has helped movements representing LGBTI people, sex workers, drug users, groups representing Europe’s Roma People and individuals pushed to the margins of mainstream society and more information click here.

Gorge Soros Enters Fully Into Philanthropy

George started his philanthropy in 1979 where he gave black South Africans scholarships, during the apartheid. He provided photocopiers to reprint banned texts in the Communist Eastern Block to help promote the open exchange of ideas in Europe. Soros established the Central European University, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to foster critical thinking which was then an unfamiliar concept in most universities in the former Soviet states. Soros funded cultural exchange between the Western Europe and the East, playing an essential role in assisting the Soviet Society and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George created the Open Society Foundations, a network of partnered foundations and projects on over 100 nations. As the name of the organization suggests, its work is influenced by Soros thinking of the ideologies of Karl Popper. In his book, Karl Popper says that societies can only prosper when they subscribe to respect for individual rights, good governance and freedom of expression– an approach that forms that the Open Society Foundations bases its work .

Over the years Soros has supported lawyers representing unlawfully held people in Roma and sponsors students from marginalized groups to the university. Up to date, George is still active in the work of Open Society Foundation and travels wide to support its work. Soros’ success in financial markets has helped him foster a more just, open and equitable society for all; his legacy has stayed constant to fighting for the same and Follow him at

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