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Max Salk Teaches The Power of Passion

Working from New York City, Max Salk is a kick-ass Investment Analysis expert and a landscape photographer. Max finds his origin back to Illinois, where he was born and grew up.

Max studied at the University of Illinois, at Urbana Champaign for his undergrad. Max seems to owe a lot to this University, as this is where he discovered the love for various things he earns from presently. At Illinois University, Max Salk studied Finance and History. During his stay at Illinois University, Max further developed his interest in Finance by Researching stock.

It was also during undergrad that he further developed his interest in Photography. However, Max Salk’s love for photography dates back to when he studied in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He says that he would walk around with his camera taking pictures whenever he could, just like any normal photography diehard. One of the shots he took on those random morning walks eventually featured on his official photography website. 

After graduation, Max Salk found his way to an Investment Management firm in Chicago. In that firm, PPM America, Mark grew his expertise. His work revolved around researching Capital and Financial markets and consequently giving expert recommendations for investment. 

Three years later, Max joined Blackstone. Till date, he works in the same company as the Vice President and Credit Research Analyst, and at the same time pursuing his photography career. Besides his professional life, Max Salk has an undying love for music and sports.

What is his driving force?

Max Salk explains that his deep interest in what he does is his most significant source of inspiration. His enthusiasm, he says, motivates him to push himself harder and go an extra mile. 

Max Sal’s life and success is one that screams out the need for one to look deep within self in search of passion. Ones one finds what they genuinely love within the person; they will always work and excel on it.

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