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Mark Ahn Puts Education First, Before Career Success

Dr. Mark Ahn is a founding Principal of Pukana Partners, professor at Portland State University and professor at Carnegie-Mellon University. He is a researcher who works in the life sciences, but he is also a researcher on new startups. He puts education first as he still brings information to his students even with his busy schedule.

His Research

Dr. Ahn has conducted research on new startups that has led to a discussion about how startups are governed. His is a founding principal with Pukana Partners, and he remembers when his company was new. He shares this information in his classes so that his students know how to make their dreams come true.

His Skills

When Dr. Ahn is sharing information with his classes, he is showing his students how they can use their degrees once they graduate. This is just as important as anything else that he teaches, and knows that this dynamic is a big deal to his students. He shows his students how they can make the most of their degree while also meeting their life goals.  Plus he also provides a free education via Twitter, and his interactions.

When Dr. Ahn is working at his own business, he is consulting life science companies. He knows that his work is unique, and he shares this quality with his students. His students learn that there are many ways to enjoy a life in the sciences, and many of his students will get a new perspective on life from taking his classes. The goal of Dr. Ahn’s work is to point people in the right direction, and this is why he spends his time in the classroom when he is not at the office.

Dr. Mark Ahn is a researcher who is changing the world one statistic at a time. He provides people with the information that they need, and he helps them learn how they can maximize their potential.

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  1. His research has led him to come to conclusions about how startups should be structured. Startups should have a veteran board of directors, communicate with management and get mentoring for the founders. This is also going to be the way that englishessays want it to be all along.

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