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Marc Beer Has Allowed His Entrepreneurial Spirit To Guide Him Over His Two-And-A-Half Decade Career:

Marc Beer has been building companies and creating success stories for more than two-and-a-half decades now. He has become a recognized figure within the fields of biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. One factor about Marc Beer that is undeniable is the fact that he has a natural talent in the world of business. He also has a strong background from an academic standpoint. Marc studied at the University of Miami and graduated in 1987 with a degree in business. He combined the knowledge attained in his college studies with the natural talent that he has always possessed. These factors combined with his deep drive to succeed have helped to make him into a businessman that has excelled everywhere he has gone throughout his twenty-five-plus year career.

Marc Beer cut his teeth in the pharmaceutical industry upon the completion of his studies at the University of Miami. He landed a sales and marketing position with the pharmaceutical manufacturer Genzyme. It was not long before Marc managed to make quite an impression on the higher-ups in the company. He soon ascended to an executive leadership position as the VP of the company’s global marketing efforts. The natural talent that Marc Beer displayed in this work was impressive and he helped the company to rapidly grow its business model and get its products to a much larger base of customers. This success would be indicative of the success that would come to characterize the career of Marc Beer. The success at Genzyme also helped Marc Beer to further inspire himself. He knew from this experience that he had the talent to do some special work that would impact many. 

The inspiration that Marc Beer took from his Genzyme success led him to decide to launch a company called ViaCell in 2000. He had big ambitions with the creation of this firm and endeavored to quickly grow it. The company focused on finding better ways to treat many conditions and Marc threw himself wholeheartedly into the project. He had grown it significantly by 2005 that he was able to put out an IPO. Two years later, in 2007, Marc Beer was able to sell ViaCell for an impressive sum. Learn more:

There is no doubt that the experience of founding and running ViaCell has helped Marc Beer greatly in launching his most recent company known as Renovia. The company has a mission to improve the treatment of pelvic floor disorders and to eliminate the negative stigma that has followed this issue that so many women suffer from. Marc Beer has teamed up with a group of likeminded individuals who wish to make a difference. Since its 2016 founding, Renovia has already grown substantially and received approval from the FDA for its initial product offering.

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