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Marc Beer: Advocating for Entrepreneurship in Biotech

The entrepreneurship realm is incomplete without Marc Beer and his exemplary achievements. His thriving career extends over 25 years of diligence and persistence. One thing that stands out with Marc Beer is his ability to solve problems. He acquired experience from arrays of companies that deal with biotechnology. Before that, he studied Bsc in Business at Miami University. The institution prepared him fully for an amazing career. The skills and knowledge that he obtained were the best tools for him to succeed.


Marc Beer started by advertising and selling pharmaceutical products. It was in Genzyme that he marketed its brand name to clients in various locations. He did an exceptional job as the vice president in charge of global marketing. His primary role was to showcase a product that treated about 7,000 diseases. He was triumphant since he reached out to about 350 million people. What’s more, he connected to people who had challenges accessing healthcare. It inspired him to do better by establishing his company with the experience.

In 2000, Marc Beer set up a company known as ViaCell that aimed at helping the underserved. Within seven years, the organization had about 300 employees striving to achieve goals. They collected and preserved blood stems cells derived from the umbilical cord. It was a fantastic endeavor since the developed specimen was used to treat ailments in the body. In 2007, Marc decided to sell the company, and PerkinElmer bought it a value of $300 million. It was the pinnacle moment of his career since he had started the company from scratch.

Afterward, he lost his wife, and that made him the sole parent to his three kids. He was resilient throughout this devastating phase. His daughter advised him to bounce back, and he formed a new company called Renovia. He co-founded the venture with Yolanda Lorie and Dr Iglesias. They were a great team that worked hard to touch women’s lives. It was in 2016 that they came together to solve a problem that faced 25% of women in the US. The pelvic floor condition was an alarming issue that needed a lasting solution. Learn more:

On that account, Marc Beer invented Leva that was an awesome product that would help with the disorder. Additionally, he acquired funding dubbed Series B worth $32 million for the project. He also added $10 million as the venture funding to make the process a success. The highlight is that many women would now get the treatment at an affordable cost.

In September 2019, he accepted the role to serve as the chairman at LumeNXT. The firm deals with designing and manufacturing surgical products. Marc Beer brings a wealth of experience from the pharmaceutical and biomedical companies he worked for over time.


Marc Beer uplifts the lives of many by giving back to society. He is part of the board at the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation that aids cancer patients financially. Moreover, he is actively involved at the Minerva Neurosciences Inc. that helps patients who have nerve ailments.

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