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Madison Street Capital, The M & A Annual Advisor Award Finalist

Madison Street Capital is a company at its peak based on its ability to meet the needs of their clients effectively. In essence, Madison Street Capital is an investment bank that has international operations whose focus is on delivering competent financial advisory services to their clientele. Other than providing advisory services, the company also gives financial opinions, expertise advice on mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, they also give valuation services to both privately and publicly owned businesses.

Madison Street Capital has operational offices in Africa, Asia, and in the North American continents, hence affirming the company’s global presence. In order for the company to deliver efficient services, Madison Street Capital tends to analyze the unique needs of their clients and view them as their own in order for them to deliver the best solutions for them. Madison Street Capital commits to leadership, excellence, integrity and in the delivery of services to the various levels of businesses. Additionally, the company also helps their clients to successfully raise capital so as to facilitate M & A transactions for the transfer of ownership.

The company views emerging markets as the areas that can have immense success potential explaining why Madison Street Capital invests tremendous assets on these markets. Based on the excellent and effective service delivery offered by this company, the Annual M & A Advisor Awards announced that the company was in the list of finalists for the 2015 year. The annual awards began in 1998 where the aim was on offering insights and oversights into acquisition and merger activities.

For the seventeen years that the M & A Advisor Awards have existed, it has been able to establish a fresh breed of finance and turnaround professionals. Essentially, these annual awards tend to recognize restructuring and financing initiatives, exceptional deal making, and the achievements made by various professional and respected firms. Madison Street received recognition because of the Cross Border Deal of the acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA. Karl D’Cunha, the Senior Managing Director and Jay Rodgers another Senior Managing Director at Madison Street were instrumental in closing the deal.

The acquisition where Madison Street helped in transacting was the deal of the year stemming from $10MM to $25MM, which is a commendable work done on behalf of clients. When accepting the nomination, the CEO of Madison Street Capital Mr. Charles Botchway said that it was an honor for his company to receive such special recognition. Madison has been able to earn the trust of the clients they serve because of their level of professionalism in handling client needs, making the company to be the ideal investment bank.


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