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Luke Lazarus

It’s really hard to make a new business work. All we have to do demonstrate this fact is remind you that 90 percent of all startups will close their doors before they have been in business five years. Jobs haven’t been growing at a very fast pace lately, so the fact that so many businesses are failing doesn’t bode well for the economy.

Although most entrepreneurs are hanging it up, there are a few who are having better luck, and one of them is “Luke Lazarus.” Luke Lazarus is known as a “serial entrepreneur.” This means that he can start several businesses, make them profitable and sell them to others for enormous sums of money.

Serial entrepreneurs are rare, so this must mean that there is something special about them. They possess skills and knowledge that isn’t common, and this leads some of them to become consultants to entrepreneurs who are struggling.

In the past 10 years, Luke Lazarus has been a business consultant, and his clients are extremely grateful for his help. He earned a Master of Business Administration from Melbourne Business School. He started four different companies and learned a great deal from these experiences. They are the reason that he is such a good business consultant today.

After selling his businesses, Luke Lazarus decided that he didn’t need to earn another penny in his life, so he went into consulting. His style is seen as tyrannical, but when entrepreneurs follow his lead, they win.

Several of Luke’s clients were struggling when he met them, but after he had a chance to work with them, they became IPOs worth millions of dollars. He isn’t afraid to tell his clients exactly what they need to hear whether they like it or not.

Many people can start a new business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the entrepreneur has any knowledge or skill in the area of the business. When Luke Lazarus learns that this is the case, he says so. Some of these people do not even have the most basic education in the area of high finance, brand messaging and running a successful business.

Luke Lazarus found that his job must be to help entrepreneurs operate their companies in a more efficient fashion. They also need to learn how to keep their books and develop a strategy of messaging that would make an angel investor or a venture capitalist take notice.

What every company needs to do is show its customers how the company’s products help them serve a purpose. Luke Lazarus wants to help his clients change their customers’ lives with their products, so he sets his mind on building emotional connections with the stakeholders as well as the customers so that the company is seen as a positive force that benefits the entire community.

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