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Luke Lazarus Shapes the Future of Business

In today’s ever changing business climate, it can be tough for a new company to become and maintain a status as a successful player in their particular marketplace. Serial entrepreneurs have a track record of successful start ups and consistently create and grow businesses.

As any successful entrepreneur would explain, noticing spaces within a market and seizing the opportunity to fill that void with a new business venture is the key to establishing a successful company. This is just what Luke Lazarus did, create a consulting business that helps other start ups and entrepreneurs capitalize on their strengths and develop strategies for long standing success in the future.

A successful entrepreneur since the age of 8, Luke Lazarus has always had an aptitude for working hard to achieving success. Whether it is locating a business opportunity, studying his craft or participating in sporting events, Lazarus has a proven that diligence leads to success no matter what the goal is in life.

As a graduate of Melbourne Business School in his native country of Australia, he has created a career of not only starting businesses, but carrying each one to success and sustainability. Now, Luke Lazarus has taken his relevance even further by cultivating his experience and education into a consulting firm to help other new businesses thrive within their niches.

Luke Lazarus works with new start up companies to create a business plan for success. He bridges the gap between what most entrepreneurs think investors are looking for and what actually brings the venture capitalists excitement about new opportunities.

His approach to combine natural talent with basic business skills brings company staff together to conduct business in a more conhesive and efficient manner. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Although his manner may sometimes be curt and somewhat abrasive to some, Lazarus is confident in his approach and conveys to his clients how necessary it is to address the conflicts that are holding a company back and to create realistic solutions in order to thrive and impress potential investors.

He believes that most businesses will not achieve the level of success they are looking for through self funding. Therefore, it is required that the company executive team realize what is lacking in appeal about their firm and be honest with themselves about what is needed to attract the best venture capitalist to their project.

Luke Lazarus invites his clients to create a sense of purpose within their company. A business needs to create a story of how they plan to improve their customer’s life with their product or service and thus how that plan will take shape.

He asks start up owners to paint a picture for their customers and investors that show how the company can enhance a customer’s experience by providing them a service they need. Luke Lazarus is a firm believer that this point of view provides the necessary attractiveness of a business to investors and ultimately to customers, thus making it almost impossible for the company to not become a huge success.

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