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Loop Capital Markets Managing Director Stratford Shields Handles Clients Around The Country

There is no shortage of financial institutions around the United States, especially in some of the most popular cities like Chicago and New York. Loop Capital Markets is a financial banking institution that calls home to Chicago with a particular focus on advisory services and investment banking opportunities.

Stratford Shields handles various day to day activities at Loop Capital as the Managing Director, putting together strategies to oversee future company growth. His successful track record in the past and high-profile positions have started him off with a good reputation at Loop Capital and only time will tell what innovations he can bring.

Until Stratford found his way into Loop Capital Markets, he spent years working in the Ohio state and government commissions as part of the State Controlling Board and the Ohio Office. As the president and deputy director respectively, Stratford has built a valuable reputation that not only for show.

It takes a lot of hard work and research in order to lead a financial banking company like Loop Capital Markets, which is what Stratford spends a good deal of his time doing each day. Passion is what drives Stratford, and he loves dealing with all things finances. Not only is he able to satisfy his own curiosity for knowledge, but Stratford is able to apply what he knows and learns to make new strategies that ultimately bring in new growth to his company.

There is no typical day for Stratford as he spends most of his time dealing with clients and making lots of phone calls, but this works out for Shields as it doesn’t require mundanely doing the same task over and over. Maintaining organization and completing goals is critical for a leadership position, and Stratford does well to stay on top of his projects at all times to get the most for his clients.

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