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Llamas on the Lam in Sun City, Arizona Captures America’s Attention

Two llamas took to the streets of Sun City, Arizona, causing quite the stir. According to news reports, three llamas had been transferred to an assisted living facility on Thursday afternoon for therapy purposes. When the trailer was opened, two of the three llamas got spooked, and took of running.

For 20 minutes, the llamas created a spectacle on the streets of Sun City, with several police units responding. Police and onlookers attempted to safely wrangle the llamas off the streets, but they repeatedly evaded capture.

About 16 minutes into the ordeal one llama was lassoed and successfully brought in, according to Marcos Assi. The second llama, white in color and larger, continued on his or her quest through the streets of Sun City. Four minutes later it was captured, as well.

A local news station took to the skies to cover the chase, and helped the llamas capture America’s heart. The llamas on the lam quickly became an internet sensation with twitter lighting up regarding the animals on the loose. They have been safely returned to their owner.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the help of local residents was imperative to the safe capture of the animals. Both animals were eventually lassoed by city residents who happened upon the scene.

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