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Lillard Replaces Griffin On All-Star Team

It took an injury, but Damien Lillard is finally on the West All-Star team. Blake Griffin is having surgery, and Lillard is going to take his spot. Lillard already felt disrespected because he was left off the team entirely, and now it is possible that he will have a chance to make his mark on NBA history. It is true that Lillard wants to win titles, but it is likely that he going to go off in the All-Star game.

As fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG know, Steve Kerr will be coaching the game, and it is likely that he will allow Lillard do whatever he pleases. This gives Kerr a chance to rest his own guys, and I think that Kerr has enough respect for what Lillard has done to give him the stage. Bird and Magic have their own All-Star game moments, and now it is possible that Lillard will have his.

This is going to be a game that boasts high scores, but we might have the story of the century if Lillard is able to put up a stat line that is impressive. He gets to make his mark before the season is over and prove that he is a superstar on the rise.

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