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Life lessons by Dr. Mark McKenna

He is a certified surgeon, a renowned and successful entrepreneur, humanitarian, and a family man. Meet Dr. Mark McKenna. He is mostly known for his business-minded attitude. Attaining a degree in medicine from Tulane University has not limited Dr. Mark McKenna into entering other fields.

The first business was real estate. It did not turn out as he expected, the hurricane Katrina destroyed most of his property this was a major blow for him. Later in 2007 Mark entered into yet another business this time, however, was in his line of study since he established ShapeMed which main core was to provide solutions to better people’s lives.

Soon after Dr. Mark McKenna established OVME, this company also aims at improving people’s lives by improving the way they look. Dr. Mark recognized that there was a gap in Botox services though many people knew about Botox and sought the facilities there were limited companies with these health solutions, and this led to the establishment of OVME.

Life lessons and business lessons learned from DR. Mark McKenna include;

Get out of your comfort zone.


Though Mark studied medicine, he still entered into a business he knew little about compared to his education. Take chances you never know until you try and this is what Mark did. Though the business was destroyed, he did not only gain in finances but also skills and now understands better what real estate business people go through and thus able to respect each line of work.

Always trust your instincts.

By the time the Hurricane Katrina hit, Dr. Mark McKenna’s business was worth around $4 to $5 million, he had over 50 workers and was earning around $500 000 yearly. If Mark had not trusted his guts, he would have missed on this chance, and thus it is important to believe what your instincts are telling you because it might be your next big break.

Learn to pick up from failures and move on.

In business, disappointments are bound to occur, but one should learn to pick up the pieces and move on. This is what Dr. Mark McKenna did, after the hurricane Katrina occurrence he would have decided to give up on business, however, he went ahead to establish yet another business and it has turned out to be a success.

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