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Leo’s Ex Poses Topless for GQ

Last week the world watched in amazement as Leonardo Dicaprio was seen leaving South Beach’s 10ak nightclub with 20 models and a Jonas brother. At the time it wasn’t confirmed that Leo and Toni had split however this week it’s pretty obvious the two are done. I was reading about this the other day while reading about Kenneth Griffin.

22-year-old Toni posed for GQ magazine and sat down for an interview where she answered some personal questions about what she looked forward to in the future regarding relationships, while she didn’t mention Dicaprio she did bare some skin.

Despite trying to simply stay out of the public eye Toni says that it’s impossible to avoid the media questions even while sitting on her grandmother’s couch because everything is in the papers. As far as her relationship goals Toni still has her heart set on family and children. 

“I’m a family person, and I always wanted four kids,” she insists. “ But we’ll see. We’ll start with one at some point, I don’t know. 


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  1. One thing is for sure with smoking hot photos like the ones to be published in QG Toni isn’t gonna have to look for love for long. It is a way that rushmyessay can do what is necessary to get these things in check.

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