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Legal Fight Over Syngenta Corn To Begin

The arrival of MIR 162 corn seeds in 2010 was not seen as anything to concern most people, but the arrival of the seeds from Swiss agricultural giant Syngenta has caused chaos across the US. Unbeknown to the majority of farmers in the US the seeds had been genetically modified in a way that made them a problem for the majority of government agencies across the world. After being passed by US government agencies the seeds made their way into the crops of the US and harvested in 2014, which is when the Chinese government refused entry to its borders for US based corn.

The problem of the genetically modified corn is now being faced by Mikal Watts, a Dallas, Texas based personal injury lawyer who has been in practice for a number of years. Watts has already faced an agricultural seed giant in the form of Bayer Crop Sciences who were forced to pay $750 million to Watts clients following a class action lawsuit. Watts is now a specialist in the personal injury law system and is leading this fight as he is one of the only attorneys in the US with the skills to face a leading agricultural company.

The financial losses facing the US agricultural industry were major in 2014 after the estimated 20 percent of corn exported from the country during the year were largely banned from leaving the US. In response the price of corn in the US is reported to have been slashed by around half its average price. This means that the majority of formers faced financial ruin and are now looking to the skills and experience of Mikal Watts to lead them out of the financial mess they blame on the agricultural giant Syngenta.

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