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Lawsuit Between The Former Atlanta Hawk Ownership And AIG

Insurance companies sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law for refusing to settle claims by their clients. There are many grounds for their refusal and in some cases, the complaints are false and valid in other cases. A recent article published on on 14th September 2016 had an example of such lawsuits. According to Forbes, it talked about the failure by AIG to settle claims by Atlanta Hawks basketball and entertainment LLC.
The former ownership of the company filed the case claiming that despite the claims made to the insurance company by Danny Ferry, its former general manager, no action had been taken so far. The lawsuit mainly includes the former ownership of the company such as Bruce Levenson among others and has nothing to do with the current ownership control of its new owner, Tony Ressler.

The main bone of contention on the case was insurance bad faith and breach of contract by the insurance company. According to, the case was filed on 13th September 2016, at the superior court of Fulton County. The policy applied for covered losses in relation to employment practices. It covered employees from workplace torts and wrongful termination. AIG is reported to have ignored the assertion of the claims, yet it falls within the coverage of the policy.

About Bruce Levenson

Levenson is the former owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC. He is a businessman and a philanthropist. He has been a board member of the same company and is also a co-founder of the united communications group ( He was born in Washington, D.C. He attended the esteemed St. Louis’ Washington University. He is a law graduate from the American university and works part-time as a journalist, since his college years. Levenson is married to Karen and has three children. He owns homes in Potomac and Atlanta. His wife helped him in his effort to establish the philanthropy centre at the University of Maryland.


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