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Laerte Codonho Will Not Back Down

Laerte Codonho is a fighter. The truth is that he doesn’t back down. 

What is his company? 


When did Laerte Codonho found this company? In the latter half of the 1980s.

Remember that Laerte Codonho is a businessman. He is not interested in working for the man, and he is all about being his own man and taking the right actions within the world. He started his company to be a simple regional operator, but fate had more substantial plans for him and his company. Codonho founded Dolly Company, and, before he knew it, the company would grow and become a national brand.

Laerte Codonho was a businessman and a marketer. As such, he knew that one of the critical components in his business would be to work hard and find ways to touch the lives of people. He knew that marketing was a crucial component of this industry. If he were to have a chance of becoming recognized and moving the needle in his venture, he would need to buckle down and come up with the right marketing strategies (Weeklyopinion).

Laerte Codonho would have theorized and implemented it. He would have to learn and fight to make his way in this cruel world. 

That is exactly what he did.

His market share within the land of Brazil continued to grow. Remember, when your market share increases in the world of business, more people start to get interested. What happens when more people get involved in a market? Competition. That’s right. Competition.

As his profits grew, his company started to make more profits from others. According to Laerte Codonho, consumers loved them. They couldn’t help it.

Laerte Codonho focused on specific markets, and this is what helped him grow. One particular market was that of diet drinks. Initially, diet drinks were not favored by the federal government of Brazil, but they soon changed their minds when Dolly, his company showed sufficient value.

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