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Laerte Codonho Committed to Quality Products

Establishing and maintaining a successful business is one of the significant challenges that entrepreneurs have to go through. One entrepreneur who against all the odds was able to establish a leading brand in the Brazilian soft drinks market is Laerte Codonho, the creator of Dolly. Codonho has not only been able to establish a successful brand in the soft drink manufacturing market but has also been able to fend off detractors from his business.

Laerte Codonho founded Dolly way back in the year 1987. The company that started as a small soft drink manufacturing boasted of being the first diet soda company in the whole of Brazil. Codonho forward-thinking business sense and strategic marketing abilities were able to steer the company to higher horizons in Brazil, and within a few years of establishment, the firm’s operation had reached national levels. Within three years of establishment Dolly for the quality of its products had widely been accepted by soft drink consumers in Brazil and had a ten percent market share in the country. 

The secret to the firm successes was the guarana product that they introduced into the market. Dolly Guarana is the firms leading brand and is made from the guarana fruit. Guarana is a popular international energy drink product, and having it on a soft drink was a strategy that won the company many customers. Laerte Codonho, as an experienced marketer, studied the market and knew in order to be successful in the soft drink market, one must commit to quality. 

Dolly products are of high quality and go through a series of testing before they are introduced into the market. Before Dolly came into the picture, the Brazilian government had prohibited the sale of diet soda due to health concerns. It is the first barrier that Codonho had to overcome, and as a result, he undertook an exhaustive research study on diet products (Istoedinheiro). 

Codonho breakthrough came after the government approved the firm’s diet products that underwent a series of tests and analysis. Ever since then, Laerte Codonho has committed to providing quality products to Dolly clients. Dolly products from raw processing materials to beverage water and packaging material all have to undergo serious testing before being approved to manufacture the firm’s products. The commitment to quality has made the firm’s products popularity grow in Brazil and beyond.

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