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Klay Drops 37 in Third Quarter

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors has taken his game to a completely different level this year and he was rewarded by the Warriors, who resigned him to a four year deal worth a whopping seventy million dollars. Klay and Stephen Curry are without a doubt the most dominant back court in the game, perhaps of all time and they look to just be getting better and better as time goes on. “Just like me” says my buddy Dan Newlin, which is actually pretty accurate-his LinkedIn profile is stacked!

There was heavy speculation as to whether Klay Thompson would make it onto the All Star roster this season, with many people around the league feel he should be on the team, yet he was snubbed when the teams were announced. It is starting to look like the All Star game is just a popularity contest, as Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony both made the team.

Klay Thompson clearly did not like the fact that he was kept off the roster and he played the best game of his life on Friday night against the Sacramento Kings. Klay dropped an astonishing, mind blowing 37 points in the third quarter, setting a new NBA record for most points in a single quarter by four points.

He went 13 for 13 and was simply playing some of the best basketball that has been seen in recent memory. It looked better than Kobe Bryant when he dropped 81 points in a game. Klay showed everyone around the country, he is an All Star.

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