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Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair Again

Fan Keith Mann points out that iut of all of her many habits, perhaps one of Katy Perry’s most prominent of them is her love of changing the colour of her lustrous hair.

The pop star continues to shock us with her exotic taste in clothes and her choice of hair colours. Though the year is ending but Perry’s love for rainbows is clearly not going down. 

Earlier this year she dyed her hair in green and later in pink. The pop singer dyed her hair a unique blend of purple and pink and debuted her new style in a recent Instagram picture.

Her hair has taken a new trip down the colour road, and it now gives a soft purple look. 

Katy Perry had dyed her hair purple back in 2012 as well but at that time it was quite a dark shade whereas the new colour revealed in the Instagram picture from The National Gallery of Victoria is quite an interesting shade. 

The year is ending with a new hair colour introduced by the pop star and we wonder if she will retain this colour in 2015, or should we prepare ourselves for a new surprise on New Year’s celebrations.

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