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Jonathan Cornelissen and Data Camp

Jonathan Cornelissen co-founded DataCamp, a data platform helping companies better use their data. He built DataCamp on the premise that modern jobs need lifelong education. Jonathan Cornelissen has concentrated on education and data science for at least 10 years and has been an angel investor.

 Jonathan Cornelissen is an entrepreneur who earned a Ph.D. while publishing several academic papers and immersing himself in quantitative finance. While a student, he began an organization that matched students with tutors. This organization has helped over 1000 students.

 After college, he helped DataCamp expand to over 4 million students and increased subscribers to over 100,000. He increased recurring revenue from zero dollars to $30 million per year. Jonathan Cornelissen works with engaged and satisfied employees and is the author of a course taken by over 1 million students.  Cornelissen is an “Angel Investor” and is interested in applying data science and education.

 Mr. Cornelissen helped begin DataCamp, realizing that many people use data regularly. But he realized that spreadsheets were often not the best tool to gain meaning from that data. Besides, companies were struggling to find people with basic data fluency. Thus, DataCamp was born as a solution. Jonathan Cornelissen is a thinker and overthinks things. He says that feedback from surrounding people helps develop his ideas. He likes to listen to audiobooks, as this provides a constant flow of new ideas to think on, test, and use.

 Mr. Cornelissen believes in hiring only people for which he would work. He believes that hiring well and strengthening one’s team is a good way to make money and enjoy the ride. In retrospect, Mr. Cornelissen admits that he can trace his costly mistakes to not hiring the right people. He says the country where he was born, Belgium, could enjoy increased economic freedom if not for their economic policies (Youtube).

 Jonathan Cornelissen will give away two ideas. Innovations in the blockchain industry mirror the progression of the data science industry. Second, the opportunities in data science to improve HR practices are not fully used. He recommends the book Coddling of the American Mind, which details happenings at American colleges and universities.

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