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Jon Urbana: When Greatness Gives Back

Everyone wants to be remembered in one way or another. Some people are remembered for their contribution to society and some are remembered for more. Jon Urbana came from humble beginnings but he didn’t let that stop him from leaving his mark and his impression wherever he went and with everything he did.

A man of many talents, Jon immersed himself in the things he loved the most. His photography speaks to your soul, as some of the images that are displayed, show birds in their most natural state, aware that there is a presence but not threatened by it. The landmarks he photographed like the Great Wall of China that are showcased at, are breathtaking and seem to be frozen in that moment of time, forever to remain as pristine as they were when the photo was taken.

Jon also is an entrepreneur and is head of business development for a company by the name of Ellipse USA, which provides skin refinement, corrective care and enhancement solutions. When he was younger he played lacrosse so it should be of no surprise that Jon Urbana is the proud founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camp.

Jon also believes in giving back to the community and wanted to raise funds for the preservation of our planet so Jon Urbana began his community outreach for “Earth Force”, the basis of the campaign is to motivate youth to become activists and participants in improving their local environments.

The objective of such activists is to emphasize the beauty of the natural earth, and what educating and spreading awareness as to what steps need to be taken to preserve its beauty. Jon Urbana has stayed a very busy man with all that he has been involved in and all he continues to do, but he still remembers his humble beginnings and keeps a humble heart, which can be seen in everything he does.

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