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Jojo Hedaya’s Email Unsubscription App

To Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Most of us don’t consider ourselves philosophers by a long shot, but we do have to make some philosophical questions daily. Some of our daily decisions are often triggered by the offerings we receive in our inbox daily. Most of the time we’ve never heard of most of the invitations to subscribe to these newsletters. It can be frustrating to take so much time to deal with unwanted or unnecessary emails. That is the same thing Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald experienced shortly before they came up with the idea for, which was meant to be an app that takes the work of sorting your emails into its sophisticated algorithm.

Simple and Beautiful receives all of your emails as one and sorted into a stream called Rollup. Next, thru its identification algorithm, names all of the senders, then the stream is handed over to the lawful user of the account. Jojo Hedaya sees how important it is to have the app separate the usable from the unusable or the things that are needed now and things that can be put off for later. The user now has the opportunity to choose those subscriptions services or offers to be useful for their workflow and serious consideration or put off for a later time. Lastly, when designing the workflow of the algorithm, Jojo Hedaya, and Josh Rosenwald, allowed the user to choose to unsubscribe to those services they no longer need at the time. The algorithm allows the user to continue to refine what comes to their inbox or put off daily for their workflow, thereby working within the parameters of the user and not the sender. Problem solved: the workflow is back in the user’s hands and not in the overflow of emails in the inbox.

Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is a native of New York. He attended City of New York University where he acquired degrees in philosophy and business. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald co-founded in 2011, but by 2014, after its popularity reached to the top ten apps in the Apple app store it was acquired by Rakuten Slice for an undisclosed amount.

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