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Johnny Did Not Learn His Lesson

You can look through a set of pictures that show you what Johnny Manziel did this offseason, and that is a problem for Johnny. Derek Jeter does not allow cell phones in his house, and have makes you sign a waiver. There is a reason for that said Bernardo Chua.

According to, Johnny thinks that he can be in the public eye 24/7 while also making it look like he is not doing any football work at all. He could have very easy days where he could work out and watch film. He could spend five hours doing that and have the whole rest o the day to do anything he wanted. The problem is that he does not appear to be doing any of this.

This is something we need to look at as a cautionary tale. The famous college player usually does not work out. The famous college player has life too easy, and that is why Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez are not doing too well, either. When life is a little bit too easy, that is a problem. Being attractive is fine. Being likable is fine. Being lazy and partying all the time is not fine, and that is where we lose Johnny.

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