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Joel Friant’s Obsession with Quality

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who is using emerging web-based marketplaces to sell his Original Habanero Shaker. Joel became interested in e-commerce in 2012 when he was studying the business methods of internet giants like eBay and Amazon.

Joel currently spends his free time exploring new opportunities in internet economies. He has long been a proponent of Bitcoin and has followed the trends of this cryptocurrency since its inception. Joel uses Bitcoin and other blockchains to train other entrepreneurs about web-based business.

Joel has trained other businesses owners for many years. Following the 2008 financial crash, Joel set out to discover the secrets of business people who remained successful through the crisis. He compiled his research and developed a business course, taught through web seminars and publications.

Prior to his work as a business coach, Joel was a restraint owner and a burgeoning entrepreneur. He opened a Thai Fast food restaurant in 1995, and shortly after, he began developing his product the Original Habanero Shaker.

Joel was not satisfied with the habanero pepper shakers available on the market. He decided he would test his business prowess by introducing a new product to the market.

Joel was obsessed with quality in the development of the Original Habanero Shaker. There are several varieties of habanero chili pepper, and Joel wanted to select the best one for his product. He finally settled on the Scotch Bonnet Habanero chili pepper, which he discovered in Jamaica.

After developing a method of drying and flaking the Scotch Bonnets, Joel introduced them to the consumer market. He used his business connections to stock the Original Habanero Shaker on grocery store shelves across the state of Washington.

The Original Habanero Shaker saw immediate success. This success was boosted when Joel introduced the Original Habanero Pepper to the globe through web-based marketing. He continues to sell his product internationally.

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