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Jim Toner Explains Why He Got Out And Then Back In The Real Estate Industry

Jim Toner has been in the real estate game for a quarter of a century. He says that he has seen just about everything during this time. He began his real estate career without any money or credit and doing wholesaling deals. He says on the other end of the spectrum he was featured on CNN when he gave mortgage-free homes to veterans of the armed services.

However, a series of events started to occur in 2010 which caused him to leave the industry. The worst incident he says was being taken in by someone billing themselves as a “guru”. The “guru” was running a national real estate company out of an office in Phoenix, Arizona. Jim Toner thought they were legit because they had appeared on Fox News and the “guru” was being endorsed by a big number of professional athletes.

According to, it turns out the “guru” stole all of Jim Toner’s money and a fair bit of his client’s money as well. It was at that point that he decided he had enough of the real estate industry and would try his hand at something different instead. He decided to instead start a new company where he would provide his consulting services to business owners. He increased their sales by doing “celebrity positioning”. He also wrote a book during this time named, “Send in the Wolves” which sold a large number of copies.

Eventually one of Jim Toner’s old friends asked him how the real estate market was doing and Toner told him he was out of that industry because of how dirty it had become. His friend dropped the matter but called him a few months later asking if Jim Toner had chained his mind yet. His friend convinced him to return to real estate as he is the “real deal” when it comes to making money in that industry.

Jim Toner said, he did return to real estate but he set a few ground rules. The first was that he was going to pick what market he worked in because some markets are better than others, something the “gurus” don’t say. He also said he would only select the best investors to run his program in the future. Make sure to follow Toner on Facebook to his latest post.

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