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Jeunesse Global: Beauty and Wellness

The Jeunesse Global company is focused on beauty and wellness products. They consider themselves to be Generation Young. By having a brand that can change people’s lives, they also want to be a worldwide known, household name. This enterprise began back in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They were both retired after having enormous success in other businesses regarding youth enhancement products as well as products that can help people live longer, healthier lives.

At that time, both of them began to create Jeunesse Global as a direct selling industry that offered quite beneficial compensation to those who joined. They have succeeded in creating Jeunesse as a worldwide platform that is cutting-edge and is able to use modern technology to share innovative training, support and products. Right now there are thousands of people around the globe who are involved in this company’s direct selling process. This works no matter what their race, rank, age or income happen to be. Even now, they say that they are just at the beginning of this healthy goal.

A major part of the Jeunesse Global company is their Y.E.S. System. This stands for Youth Enhancement System. It was developed carefully to combine positive benefits into a system of supplements and skincare products that cannot be found anywhere else. The Y.E.S. System is created to keep customers young in nine important and effective ways. These ways are Rejuvenate, Defend, Diminish, Restore, Enhance, Balance, Energize, Beautify and Clarity.

To keep the Jeunesse Global business moving, they will be holding a Jeunesse EXPO NEXT 2019 World Tour to celebrate their 10th anniversary. At the Expo, Scott Lewis, who is the Chief Visionary Officer, will be speaking about how Jeunesse will advance to the NEXT level during 2020. Also, there will be top business builders and field leaders from around the globe to explain the most successful strategies to use Jeunesse to change your life in a positive light. There will also be Master Classes available where attendees can try out the Financial Rewards Plan, Jeunesse products, social media processes and even more.

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