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Jeb Bush Blasts Obama on Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most divisive issues between the Republican and Democratic Parties. It also stands as a barometer between the far right and the middle right conservatives working in government. Jeb Bush recently voiced his opinion on the scientific issue, stating that climate change is happening, it is a risk but it is not the top priority. Dr. Jennifer Walden and many others caught his entire discussion on the matter. He also claimed that he believes the scientific community is not decided on the extent of climate change that is human beings’ fault. He went on to state that those people who believe the science is decided are intellectually arrogant. He blames those arrogant intellectuals for preventing any rational conversation on the issue, but he believes the percentage that is man-made and the percentage that is naturally occurring is convoluted.

Jeb Bush then went on to use the issue to target President Obama. Recently, Obama spoke to the Coast Guard Academy and stated that climate change is a top priority and demands the government’s and the entire country’s attention. He urged action and advocacy to counter act the inevitable changing of the world’s climate. Mr. Bush on the other hand, claimed that Obama was part of the intellectual arrogant group that prevented conversation, and that the president critically overstated the issue in its relevance to the United States. Jeb Bush has come up as a front-runner for the Republican candidacy for the presidency next year, although he has not yet officially announced his campaign.

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