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Jason Hope’s Contributions to Anti-aging Initiatives

There is little research that is done by medical institutions to eradicate or slow down the speed of age-related sicknesses. And most of the medicines available in the market are reactive other than being proactive. Jason Hope is concerned about the type of research that is being done on age-related sicknesses. Jason Hope an Internet entrepreneur, donated $0.5 million to SENS Foundation a nonprofit organization dealing with age-related diseases research.

SENS is working on a program dubbed rejuvenation biotechnology which majors on age-related diseases to bring a solution. The first contribution that Hope made to SENS was in 2010 when he funded the building of Cambridge’s SENS laboratory with more than $0.5 million; the new laboratory was to work on new research activities.

Rejuvenation biotechnology is focused on preventing deadly old age diseases from attacking and weakening the body. They are not working to treat illnesses but to give people quality life; it repairs the body cells to make them live longer. Hope believes that SENS initiatives will help advance human life and bring a medical solution to age-related diseases. He has contributed over $1 million towards the operations of SENS Foundation.

Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. is Science researcher whose support and expertise has made SENS achieve its goals in the medical field. Grey is also the senior Science officer at SENS. Peter Thiel, a co-founder of PayPal, is among other philanthropists who have contributed millions to fund SENS. Peter donated a sum of $3.5 million. Hope believes that people can live longer if they get SENS services on anti-aging.

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Jason graduated with Bachelor of Science in Finance from Arizona State University and then went ahead and acquired MBA, Business from Arizona State University-W.P Carey School of Business. Jason is a stronger believer that internet is changing how people go about their businesses. He believes that the Internet of Things also called IoT is the biggest thing that has happened in technology. IoT enables easy syncing of devices.

Jason Hope is also an entrepreneur with a focus on mobile technology. He is affiliated with companies that leverage technology and use computer information systems. Jason’s philanthropist acts are channeled towards biotechnology, scientific research, disease cure, and education. Jason has worked for several organizations which include True Colors Fund, Boys and Girls Club Metropolitan Phoenix, Family Health International, and Worldwide Orphans Foundation among others. Hope is an Arizona native who grew up in Tempe.

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