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Jason Hope donates to anti-aging research group

Human diseases have been a huge problem for human beings since the beginning of time. Diseases have always been there, some life-threatening while others are just minor health complications. The causes most of the health problems are varied and depended on the immunity of the person. However, there is a common health problem that faces all human beings irrespective of how strong the immunity is.

Age is a natural; process that is unavoidable for all human beings. No one can stop the age clock. The bad thing about aging is that it comes with its challenges. Old age diseases affect almost every old person. As we get old, the body becomes weak and can no longer stand against any disease-causing organism. There is a high number of old age diseases which are normally caused by the body becoming weak as a result of aging. Why does this have to be so? Is there a thing that can be made to make human being age gracefully? These are critical questions which seem not to have an answer. As of now, human beings continue to face the challenges of old age.

The fact that there is no solution in place, however, does not mean that nothing is being done to address this issue. There is ongoing research which is intended to create a solution to this problem. By coming up with a drug that will slow down or stop the process of aging in human beings, ongoing research by a group called SENS Research Foundation will have addressed all the problems which normally face human beings as a result of aging. SENS Foundation has been conducting research for the last one decade. The foundation was started in 2009 and has a research laboratory in Cambridge. It intends to solve human suffering by creating a drug that will repair body cells as we age. This means one will remain youthful despite living for many years.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based philanthropist who has been supporting the anti-aging research. The self-declared “futurist” has donated half a million dollars to this foundation to carry out its research as well as building a laboratory. Jason Hope is passionate about technological base research, and that is why he is supporting this foundation to accomplish its set objectives. Jason Hope is a commentator on technology topic and a great supporter of the Internet of Things. He has described this as the next big thing in technology.

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