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Jason Hope Describes How The IoT Is Making Airlines Better

Jason Hope recently had an article of his published on Wings Journal where he described how the internet of things is improving the airlines industry.

Mr. Hope is a Scottsdale, Arizona investor, philanthropist and futurist. He closely follows innovations in technology such as the internet of things and advancements in medicine such as new anti-aging medicines and procedures. Below is a brief summary of some of the ways the IoT is revolutionizing airline service.

One of the ways the IoT is making airline service better is by making checking in easier. For example, many airlines now issue their boarding passes through email and give seats at least 24 hours before the flight. Logging into the carrier’s website or using their mobile application is now not necessary with this new system. Jet Blue Airways goes a step further. The airline selects passenger seats for customers based on what people selected before seat selection was automated. This helps to improve customer service by more closely matching seat selection with a person’s prior preferences.

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The internet of things is also allowing airlines to improve what Jason Hope calls creature comforts. For example, some airlines have already implemented beacons in passenger seats that can measure the temperature, hydration and even fatigue level of passengers. If there is an uncomfortable temperature, low hydration levels or significant fatigue the airline crew can rectify the situation by offering water, turning on a fan or providing pillows to passengers.

Pet tracking is another development that the IoT has allowed. Passengers can not only see a video of their pets as they are traveling aboard a flight, but they can also know the temperature, humidity and amount of light at their place. This can help put pet owners’ minds at ease during the flight.


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