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Jason Hope: Anticipating the Future

With the rise of technologies such as Bitcoin and IOT enabled devices, there is also a growing concern surrounding the security of the networks that fuel them. IOT devices have saturated the market and answered the growing need that people have, to stay connected to one another. Through this technology, individuals can use smart appliances, cell phones, and countless other devices to sync up their information and provide a seamless transition from one device to another. Additionally, with digital currency such as Bitcoin, people can complete transactions and conduct business without the exchange of tangible currency. While these are good advances, Jason Hope explains in a recent article with that it can have devastating effects if it is not secured properly. Hope calls for greater attention to be paid to these technologies in the future as they continue to grow in popularity. Due to their relatively small sizes and the increased mobility presented by these technologies, it is reasonable to assume that the inclusion of advanced security measures has not been programmed into these systems. In his article, Hope explains that this creates a huge gap in security and urges technology companies to take this future threat seriously.

MedyMatchraises $2M to bring AI to medical imaging @sohear

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 2, 2016

Jason Hope has a very personal interest in security, technology, and business. Since his graduation from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business with his MBA, Hope has been a tireless crusader for technological advance within his industry. Since founding his own company, he has gone on to oversee the creation of a multitude of projects. Many of his forays into technology have resulted in significant advancement, leading to lucrative partnerships and investments. Hope is always at the forefront of technology and looking to the future to anticipate the need. Perhaps, this is the reason that the security of such systems represents something that is very close to him, and what Jason Hope knows.


In addition to his passion for innovation, Hope has also displayed a natural propensity towards helping his community and peers in the business world. His generosity has included the funding of a grant program and the donation of $500,000 to the SENS. Hope’s donation to the SENS is a wonderful example of his diversity when it comes to technology, as this program focuses on medical research. Hope’s money has gone a long way in developing research focused on anti-aging and other medical advancements. Through his actions, it is apparent that whether it is through business or philanthropy, Hope has shown that he cares about the future.


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