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Jason Hope: Anti-Aging Is The Future

Jason Hope attended the University of Arizona and he graduated with a degree in Finance and following this, he then went on to acquire his MBA on the same at the W.P. Carey School of Business. Shortly after graduating from business school, Jason Hope quickly rose to fame in the business world and has been on an upward slope ever since.

Jason Hope started a mobi-tech business that he inspired him because it is a sector that has the reach and is at an advantage to a very large number of people and as such, it was more likely to be the best way to try and change the market at a fast rate.

In a very fortunate turn of event in business, Jason Hope and his company are able to gain profits through his several technology companies. Some of these companies provide marketing through SEO services, computer services, and digital media solutions. Jason Hope has been able to gain even more profits by investing in other companies that are not part of his portfolio.

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In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS program which has gone a long way into helping the company develop a laboratory and also the funds have been able to help the company start a new program. The organization focuses on trying to develop cures for degenerative diseases that act as catalysts for aging.

The foundation has been able to come up with a program called AGE-breaker. This is a treatment that is supposed to fight the aging effects of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This AGE is a form of waste from metabolism that leads to the degeneration process.

As part of his success, Jason Hope highly believes that such philanthropic efforts have made him very successful in his ventures and also, he has a kind of knack to predict the future, not that he can actually tell it, but based on pure instinct.

Some of the other projects which have managed to steal the attention of Jason Hope include projects like Teach for America Phoenix and Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

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