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James Dondero/Stock Market 2016

D13 top ten holdings for the highland capital management company in this past quarter reports are stated as at 03/02/2016. The highlights for the Lp highland management company 13F highlights are as stated in the report below. James Dondero is the managing CEO as well as the original founder of the hedge fund management company and has a quarterly filing of the performance of the company in terms of assets in this quarterly 13F as at the date dated above. These filings that were filed in this date have not less than what is revealed in this past event as at the date a portfolio value of more than 3.42 billion dollars and that is clearly a representation of a drop from the figures of the quarter that preceded it by a minimum of one point four billion dollars.

This past quarter had not less than a minimum of four point nine billion dollars. This kind of filing has a representation that is about twenty two percent in the total assets that are under the management of the Highland Capital Management company that are under the enlistment of the united states government and the rule of law as stipulated under the law.

Basing on the fact that we are having the Highland Capital company assets that are under the management of the company and are that do not fall less that fifteen billion dollars, this brings the hedge fund management company to have a limit of equity Lp exposure that represents twenty two percent in terms of assets. It is also important to have a note that we cannot vividly ascertain the correct or exact figures that the highland capital management company has in terms of the assets and net exposure as wqell as the Lps shorts in liquidity as stated in the management.

Fund New Purchases
In this previous quarter that has been listed in its quarterly 13f above has seen the highland management fund company under the leadership of Mr. James Dondero purchase and newer positions that include Spdr S&P that has a net worth of more than sixty three million dollars, the amazon incorporation that was also purchased that had an inclusion of more than twenty three million dollars in total, the pharmaceuticals that are in the eagles company that had an inclusion of more than seventeen million dollars. The hedge fund in a total has sixty nione stocks under management.

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