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Jack Plotkin is Changing Healthcare

Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin once said, “you can get busy complaining, or you can get busy changing.” Having grown up in some of the worst schools in California, then being touched by a number of teachers on a long path that eventually led him through Harvard, Jack is the classical prototypical rise-to-the-challenge kind of guy who inspires generations. He did not let the setbacks of life create reasons to waste time by complaining; he used those problems to motivate him to change, first himself, then the situations in which he found himself. He writes to think things through; he has always considered writing and reading an important part of personal growth and to communicate his visions to others.

Jack Plotkin

As a pioneer of the population health management systems approach to healthcare, Plotkin is a strategy game-changer. He advocates a 360-degree view of people, which means looking at them from all angles of their lives, including health, environmental, and socioeconomic class positioning. Those views come from studying all data wherever relevant data may be found, figuring out how to use it, how it is weighted, interrelated, and then how to both interpret and utilize it. He promotes a comprehensive integration of all healthcare management systems, with all aspects of the digital universe, delivering a unified real-time information solution that is value and person-driven, yielding the dream of every person on Earth: comprehensive and affordable health insurance. The whole goal, in Plotkin’s eyes, is to create a comprehensive medical system that is proactive, rather than reactive; one that anticipates peoples’ medical needs even before those people know about them, which then bends and moves medical and economic resources to help people when needed. The system would be both universal on a transnational level, yet highly personal for everybody. This is the vision of Jack Plotkin.

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