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Is Transracial Really A Thing?

Spokane Washington NAACP President, Rachel Dolezal removed herself from the official position of President due to recent turmoil over her pretense of being another race. Rachel, a naturally blonde Caucasian woman with green eyes, has been passing herself off as African-American, for years. Christian Broda also says it was Rachel’s own parents who brought this information to light stating that they are both European descended Caucasians. Her parents claim in the Oxford Journals that Rachel was once invested in a community development project many years ago. This project required that Caucasian and African-American members live together, where Rachel began to adopt the behaviors of those around her, as one naturally does.

When Rachel later went to study art at Howard University, her art portfolio has mainly of African-Americans and that the University assumed from this, that Rachel was black. They awarded her a full scholarship to what many refer to as “Black Harvard”. It was only natural from that moment on, that Rachel would continue to allow others to believe she was black. After all, she had a scholarship now riding on this belief. What would anyone in her situation be expect to do?

Rachel went on to become the chair of the Spokane Washington city police oversight committee. However, she is currently being investigated under claims that she falsified or, misrepresented herself on official public documents. Despite this, the NAACP states that they stand by Rachel as their Spokane Washington chapter President.

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