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Is it Worth Moving to Paris?

Escaping to a better place is what more than half of the daydreamers have on their mind. For Carrie Dennis, from Elle, Paris is the obsessive thought. She had been there for seven months as an AuPair, and at that time thought of getting back to New York sooner. But the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and the editor now based in New York ponders over a better life in France, jumping over puddles and eating local specialties served by fat Frenchmen.

Carrie complains of being kept in her home-country by the family and her aging pet, which will never understand where his owner disappeared. Behance said the materialism seems to be a big impediment too, as she thinks transporting all the heavy things she has would be expensive. Fear of getting disappointed is what keeps her away from her dream, and is often an impediment for many tourists or people who want to move somewhere else. When understanding the local language and the habits better, the attractiveness of the place diminishes and one starts to understand that even people in Paris talk about being tired or other banalities. Going ahead for one’s dream is best before one waits for too many questions to appear. Carrie decided to let faith decide instead.

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