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Investor George Soros Speaks Out On Donald Trump’s Candidacy

In the coming year, Americans will see the completion of a new election cycle. Each party will nominate a new candidate for president. Observers believe that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the best chance at the Democratic nomination. Many observers are less sure about who will emerge with the Republican nomination. One person who is expected to challenge for this nomination is Donald Trump. Trump has been a familiar face to many Americans over the last few years as he has made many public appearances. His run for president has proven quite controversial as he has made many statements that people perceive as unwise at best.

One of his many controversial stances has been on the immigration of Muslims to the United States. This issue has caught the attention of a fellow American business person.Forbes Billonaire George Soros has also enjoyed a great deal of financial success in the world, emerging in recent years as one of the world’s richest men with an estimated worth in the billions. In his view, the candidacy of Donald Trump has many dangers including that of possibly alienating both many European leaders and many people who are trying to move to Europe from Muslim lands at the present time.

Trump has made statements suggesting that Muslims should not be allowed to migrate to the United States at all. This issue has received attention as many Muslims are trying to flee the region at the time because of the collapse of the Syrian state and the rise of ISIS, an Islamic extremist group that seeks to impose a caliphate or Muslim state on the entire region. Soros thinks that Trump’s suggestion that American not allow in Muslims to their society may convince more Muslims to join ISIS as they may not be welcome in the United States or Europe at the present time. In his view, Trump’s statements have not been helpful at all and have done much to suggest that Trump may not be fit to hold office at all in the United States, let alone the highest office in the land.

George Soros has been a long-time contributor to the Democratic party in the US so observers consider his opinions on this matter to be grounded in a firm understanding of how the American political system functions. Many observers at the forum greeted his thoughts with respect and agreement. Trump is considered to be one of the people who may gain the Republican nomination. The first votes for any candidacy that he is seeking will be cast shortly as the season of elections begins in the United States. The election will take place in November when a new president will be voted in.

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