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Innovation to Class Room Communication with Class Dojo

Do you ever wonder how your child is doing when they are at school? Do you wish you can receive updates on your child’s progress in different classes? How about real time updates on what your child is doing?

Many parents are often in the dark about their child’s progress in school. They only receive limited letters regarding their child’s progress. Parents are often faced with a major conflict because there just is not a lot of communication that is possible with traditional systems.

This is where Class Dojo comes in the picture. Class Dojo allows real time communication between parents and teachers. Instead of being in the dark about your child’s progress, you can be updated throughout the day via a simple app on your cell phone.

During the tradition pick up and drop off it can be hard to ask a teacher who is bombarded with countless other students and parents questions about a specific student. Class Dojo makes this problem virtually disappear, literally. Parents can message the teacher at any time. Then, the teacher can respond when convenient for them. They can take their time and actually give a thoughtful response to the parent’s questions. Since they will not be surrounded by many other people, giving them many other demands, parents can gain better insight and teachers can give better feedback on their students. Also, during the school day, teachers can add comments on student’s progress and behavior and even post pictures so proud parents can see their little sweethearts in action.

Class Dojo is a leading app for keeping up with your child’s education. It helps teachers communicate the needs of the students to their parents as well as helps parents communicate their child’s needs with their teacher. This app is innovative and every school should have it.

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