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Igor Cornelsen Talks Of Success Amidst Economic Chaos

The banking world was left in disbelief following the anomaly of Brazil’s banks at the close of 2014. While banks are wired to suffer along with troubled economies, the top two private banks in the country, Itau Unibanco (ITUB) and Banco Bradesco (BBD) had their shares rise by one-third in the year 2014. The banks also saw a solid increase in their profits on The third quarter net for Itau jumped 36% from the previous year; Bradesco’s rose by 28%.

So what makes Brazilian banks weather the storm? According to Igor Cornelsen, a top Brazilian banker, and investment expert, the secret is market knowledge and experience over the turbulent years. He states that the bankers in Brazil’s private sector are only giving credit to borrowers who are the most worthy of the credit. This ends up streamlining costs and providing the banks with a sense of security as they look ahead. Individuals with less desirable credit must then focus on public sector banks, cash-based spending or ultimately forego the business plans they had. This is, of course, a challenge to the macro economy as well as the overall development of the country. Igor Cornelsen continues to add that the Brazilian government should instill more market-oriented reforms and fiscal austerity to make investors feel secure.

Why would anyone consider Brazil given the very uncertain climate? A wealth of natural resources and a growing need for infrastructure development that will support the booming population combine to make Brazil South America’s most attractive market. Brazil is among the top food producers in the world and the largest country in South America. It is definitely a fascinating example to watch. As 2015 comes to a start, findings of Igor Cornelsen are that investors are behind when it comes to the world of Brazilian banking. He has gone ahead to provide the basics on Brazilian banking:

Brazilian banks consist of ten major players

Brazil is South America’s largest economy and the world’s eighth largest economy. What backs this economy up is a group of 10 major privately as well as state-owned commercial and investment banks.

A fresh face could see things turn around

The new economic matrix that was dreamt up by Guido Mantega ended up being a complete failure. This will see the new finance minister return to relatively orthodox policies.

Do not ignore China

The biggest trading partner that Brazil has is China. The economies of the two countries are intrinsically linked. A stronger Chinese economy means good prices for the raw materials from Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen on resume is a retired banker as well as an investor. Igor worked hard to take a spot among the top bankers in all of Brazil. Currently, he is working with the Bainbridge Group on stock market investments as well as foreign exchange investments.

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