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Ian King Joins Banyan Hill Publishing As A Cryptocurrency Expert

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are the next big thing and its popularity is increasing by the day. Even though for most people it is quite a new thing, people are investing in it because of the huge potential it has to offer. Among all cryptocurrencies, the largest market share belongs to Bitcoin. But, there are many new digital currencies in the market that are fasting catching up to it. People are looking for authentic information about investing in cryptocurrencies, and for this reason, Banyan Hill Publications have hired Ian King as its editor who is a cryptocurrency expert and has been studying its journey since it was launched. Ian King left a successful Hedge Fund company as an investment advisor to start his own cryptocurrency website as he believed that it would be the next big thing and it has come true.

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Ian King spent his childhood on the Jersey Shore and spent his teen years working as a lifeguard there. He was named the Captain of the Belmar beach in New Jersey when he was only 19 years old. It was during his days as a lifeguard that he learned many life lessons, one being how to analyze a particular situation and reacting accordingly. It is one skill that has helped him in his trading career. He went on to study psychology in college and wanted to become a psychiatrist according to During his free time, he would also trade and realized that he loved analyzing stocks. Thus, while completing his bachelor’s degree in psychology, he also took up an internship at the Merrill Lynch. He started his first job at the Salomon Brothers as a desk clerk at its mortgage bond trading department. King then joined Citigroup as a credit advisor and then worked with Peahi Capital as a head trader for over ten years. When he discovered cryptocurrency, he knew that it would become a big thing in the future and left his job to become a cryptocurrency expert. Apart from sharing analysis about different cryptocurrencies through his website, he would also share his knowledge with the Banyan Hill Publication subscribers.

Ian King is working towards building a cryptocurrency trading service that would allow the Banyan Hill subscribers to trade different cryptocurrency through the platform. One can read more about cryptocurrencies insights and analysis from Ian King at Banyan Hill Publishing as he would be writing for the publishing on a weekly basis.


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