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Howard Injury

Dwight Howard gave everyone in the Houston area a scare when he went out with a knee injury last week. It is always scary when someone injures their knees, because they are truly one of the worst joints you can injure as a basketball player. Every time you cut, you have to have strong knees and so it is a major concern. Just look at what has happened to Derrick Rose due to his torn ACL he suffered two years ago. He had surgery to replace his ACL, but he missed two entire playoffs for the Bulls due to that injury. Dwight’s injury is not that bad, but he will be out for several weeks to a month. It was reported that he would be out for days, but it has turned out that it will be for a much longer period of time than previously thought. Fans at Slow Ventures (TechCrunch) know that the Houston Rockets have been dodging bullets lately and this one will not kill their season, as Dwight Howard can get fully healthy and they will still have twenty five games left to go in the season and they already have a pretty solid position in the Western Conference playoff race. They also dodged a bullet last night in their loss to the Detroit Pistons when James Harden went down hard and also grabbed his knee. It appeared that both he and Howard may have been injured, but it turns out he just has a bruised knee.

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