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How the OSI Group Became Successful in China

David McDonald has been with OSI Group for decades, and he currently serves as the company’s president and COO. The OSI Group transformed to become one of the leading food manufacturer and processing companies in the world, and as of 2016, the company managed to earn a staggering $6 billion profit. One of the most important milestones in the history of the company would be their partnership with McDonald’s, and it had a positive impact on their growth. As the fast food giant expands around the world, the food manufacturing and processing company also followed suit, allowing them to establish their presence in foreign countries.

China is one of the first countries that welcomed the OSI Group with open arms, and since then, the company stayed in the country and developed independently from their counterparts in the United States. The company celebrated its 20th year of operations in China back in 2012, and the company has a lot of optimism towards their future in the foreign market. David McDonald said that one of the catalysts for the company’s success in China would be their will to bring solutions to the locals. They have to invest in understanding the Chinese culture and way of life, and it gave them a clear idea of what their customers would like. They saw their customers’ perspective, and according to David if you will be operating overseas, you have to understand their culture and how they perceive the things that they see.

The company’s president and COO also added that people from the Western World should stop applying their perspective when doing business with people from the other side of the planet. David McDonald assures anyone who wanted to do business in China that once they were able to understand the culture and way of life of the locals, they will be able to build confidence and trust towards their best quality products, increasing the chances of becoming a hit among the locals. It is also important to listen to their suggestions and recommendations because it would help the company drastically. The president and COO of the company also highlighted the importance of patience, because, without it, one could surrender easily without considering other options. Click here.

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