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How Technology Revolutionized Eric Pulier’s Career

Eric Pulier began the road to his career at Harvard University in 1984. While there, he decided to major in English and American literature. As he studied, he worked for The Harvard Crimson as an editor and a column writer.

However, it wasn’t just his time at Harvard that helped him become the author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur he’s known as today. In high school, he began a company that created database computers. While at Harvard, he took classes at MIT to supplement his knowledge of software and technology from his high school days. At his graduation in 1988, he was named magna cum laude.

His career did not end with the database computer company. In 1991, a move to Los Angeles was followed by the founding of his second company. This company was named People Doing Things (or PDT). Here, he focused on health care, education, and similar issues and problems by using technology to help address those issues.

After PDT, he moved on to founding Digital Evolution in 1994. In 1998, US Interactive LLC merged with Digital Evolution. From there, Pulier moved on to helping build Starbright World. This particular company is a private social network site for children that are chronically ill. It allows them to meet and chat with others who have similar experiences, as well as blog and post content about what they have gone through.

Eric Pulier didn’t stop there. He participated in the Presidential Technology Exhibition in 1997, and Al Gore’s forum to advise on healthcare and technological initiatives. During this period, he also co-authored a book. The book is titled Understanding Enterprise SOA and was first published in 2006.

As for his philanthropy, Pulier donates to several nonprofits. Two of these are The Painted Turtle and the X-Prize Foundation. The Painted Turtle is a camp for children who are chronically ill, fitting perfectly with his efforts on Starbright World. X-Prize Foundation holds competitions to solve the greatest challenges of humanity.

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